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What is a survey?

A survey is basically used to determine where things are on earth. We locate all structures in their placement on your property while locating your property from many sources, which include maps, deeds, old surveys and survey points that have been placed on the ground.

How do I tell where my property lines are?

We can set stakes or concrete monuments on your property corners or prepare a written survey showing where all the fences, structures are in comparison to the existing property lines.

What type of survey do I need when I purchase a house?

You would need a title survey showing all structures on lot and adjacent to the property lines. The title companies would want to order a survey to show that there are no encroachments onto your property. Such as fences, structures or easements/ rights of ways which may encumber your land.

What can you do to help me lower my flood insurance?

We could perform an elevation certificate for your property showing the exact height (elevation) of your home and surrounding grade. We would show all FEMA information as well so the Insurance companies could rate your insurance prices. This may not always be good for your rates as you may be lower than the FEMA flood zone, but is always worth a shot to try to lower your costs.

How does the process of getting a survey go?

Once we have agreed on the price and timeframe, you can place your order. We then gather all the items we need either from the towns, county or state agencies. After that, we go to the property and do the field portion of the survey. We then have to come back to the office to complete the necessary drawings and calculations. Once completed, you can come to the office and pick up the completed job.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the survey varies depending on the scope of work. If you would like a specific quote, you can get one for free by filling out our quick form here.

How long does it take?

The time frame also varies due to the location and complexity of the work needed. However, it normally takes a few weeks. Need it in a specific period of time? Give us a call and we will see how we can help!

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